Were you denied your Unemployment Benefits? Do you need help appealing that determination to receive the benefits that you deserve? We can help!

Few things are more devastating than losing your job, especially if you did nothing to jeopardize your career. We meet with people who were initially denied benefits despite the fact that they were let go for no reason or their employer made up a reason to fire them. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. As long as you follow the Employment Security Commission’s timelines for filing your appeal before you come to see us, we can help!

After you file your claim for benefits (what the ESC refers to as a NIC), you will receive a determination letter in the mail. This letter will state the determination that the ESC has made in your case, a reason for that determination and a conclusion which, if your benefits were denied, will likely end with “Based on the foregoing, it is concluded that the claimant left work without good cause attributable to the employer.”

It is important to note that the bottom of this letter includes an Appeal Rights Expiration Date as well as a paragraph describing your appeal rights and refers the claimant to the pamphlet included with your determination entitled “Procedures for Appealing an Adjudicator’s Determination””.

At this point, you should file your appeal at any local ESC office, online or mail your appeal to the Adjudication Unit at the address at the top of the Denial letter.

Once you file your appeal, it is strongly advisable that you contact our office to schedule a consultation. The appeals process provides an opportunity to present your evidence to a Hearing Officer or Appeals Referee, allows your attorney to cross-examine your employer and can often results in a reversal of your prior denial of benefits.

We would be happy to further discuss your case with a free consultation.